The Technology Trifecta – Blockchain, IoT, and AI.

The Convergence of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Distributed Shared Ledgers (Blockchain).

It seems trite to say, as seems to happen multiple times a day, that the latest technology revolution is really here. I do say that now, although not for a single technology, but from the convergence of 3 technologies that unite to form a complete system of automation.

IoT devices are self-generating data into self-executing Blockchain Smart Contracts self-created, self-operated, and self-governed by Artificial Intelligence.

The real world process of gathering data, securely trusting, storing and transacting on the data, and creating, implementing, and monitoring the definitions and flow of data and its action methods can now be fully implemented by combining these 3 technologies in a unified system.

It’s great that your smart refrigerator can read the bar code from your milk container and generate a shopping list when consumed or expired. It’s even better that your smart refrigerator can soon place the order using blockchain purchasing networks on your behalf. But it’s the application of AI to analyze and anticipate your needs, to monitor the purchases for mistakes, fraud, or regulatory compliance, and create new and specific Smart Contracts that really seals the deal.

We have identified 3 main areas where AI can be applied to Blockchain. This reflects our current thinking but should not be considered definitive or exhaustive and we solicit and welcome any and all input to continue to refine this perspective model. Continue reading

Belltane Releases MapShare GPS Location Tracking for Android

Belltane has published MapShare for Android, a GPS shared location tracker. MapShare uses IoT (Internet of Things) technology to allow near real time location tracking of family and friends on a Google Map. Users can choose their own images for each of their shared mappers, and control location sharing by mapper.Get it on Google PlayMapShare is ssl encrypted for security, and using IoT technology eliminates the need to store any information on our servers. No user data is collected or stored, and so no personal information can ever be sold to third parties.

MapShare is available in 136 countries around the world, providing global sharing of locations among far-flung family and friends.

Additional functionality is planned, and we invite suggestions and requests.

MapShare is a consumer version of Belltane’s IoT technology capabilities. Businesses with custom location tracking or other device to device data sharing requirements should contact us for more information about Belltane IoT applications and services.

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