How to create Cooler Analytics using Oracle DVCS (Data Visualization Cloud)

The March 2016 release of Oracle DVCS (Data Visualization Cloud) contains many new features that greatly enhance and extend its functionality and utility.

New Visualization Types

Donut charts, stacked scatter, combo charts (with dual axis) have been introduced. Ability to have dual axis has been added. Functionality to link to URLs and insights in tiles, images, and text boxes is also available. You can also dictate the description text if using chrome for windows and android.

Modify and Aggregate Data Post-Upload

You can modify uploaded data by adding new columns, editing columns, deleting columns, and hiding and showing columns for a data set.

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Data Visualization Cloud Service (DVCS)

Watch the second video in our new series on Oracle DVCS (Data Visualization Cloud Service). This video explores various visualization types along with the drill down and interplay of two visualizations. It also provides overview of insights and story navigator.View the DVCS or browse our complete video collection on our Belltane Channel.