Sovrin Blockchain Identity Management Joins Hyperledger

Hyperledger solves Identity Management with Sovrin.

I am just giddy with excitement and pleasure at the announcement last week that Sovrin has joined the Hyperledger Project. So much so, in fact, that I broke open one of the last bottles of my prized Balvenie 17 collection (Madeira cask to be precise) and raised a wee dram in toast. Thanks all!

The Sovrin Foundation is a private-sector, international non-profit that was established to govern the world’s first self-sovereign identity (SSI) network. Self-Sovereign Identity  is an identity that is 100% owned and controlled by an individual or organization. No one else can read it, use it, turn it off, or take it away without its owner’s explicit consent. This simple form of identity is private, extremely secure, and goes where you go.”

Sovrin will operate as Project Indy within the Hyperledger umbrella that includes Fabric, Sawtooth, Iroha, and Burrow.

I had noted Sovrin in a recent post on Blockchain Identity Management as something to pay attention to, but I never dreamed they were about to join Hyperledger. This is just fantastic news. Blockchain provides unparalleled trust to distributed shared ledgers, and Sovrin conquers the Blockchain to Real Life interface for humans and organizations.

It is important to note that Indy is the full Sovrin code, but code alone does not make an Identity Network. The Sovrin Foundation will continue to develop and operate the Sovrin Network, which is governed by the Sovrin Trust Framework. Organizations or entities can create and run Indy implementations separately from the Sovrin Network and without necessarily complying with the Sovrin Trust Framework. It is unclear to me why one would, but it can be done. Their FAQ provides more detail on Indy, the Network, and the Framework.

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